Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

I specialize in Bridal makeup and hairstyling, but I also provide hair and makeup for:
*Boudoir sessions
*Prom/Senior Portraits
*Editorial Work
*Commercial and Corporate Work
*Professional Headshots
*Family Portraits
*Fashion Shows
*Makeup Parties
*Private Makeup Lessons

Why choose Bellamina?

Every bride has her unique style and inspired vision for her special day. I strive to provide you with exceptional service and flexibility for your needs. I absolutely LOVE weddings! I am always equally excited and in awe of the moments you experience before you walk down the aisle.  My team and I will do our best to help maintain a calm and cheerful setting for you and your bridal party. We are usually the first vendors you see  in the morning, and when makeup and hair goes smoothly, it sets a great start to the rest of a beautiful day!

My main goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself on your special day. I value the importance of building a great client relationship that hopefully extends beyond this one day. I want you to feel like my team and I are part of your circle of friends and family, as we are sharing such a personal event of your life. I’m constantly learning from my clients’ preferences and improving my artistry with each bride that I work with. It’s important to me to embody and enhance each bride’s natural beauty, creating bridal looks that tailor to your individual style. From radiant and natural, to smoky and smoldering, whatever look you desire will be my main goal to achieve.

I strictly adhere to hygienic standards and use quality products which include traditional or airbrushed foundation, water resistant eye makeup and individually applied lashes to last through the all the tears, and your hair is carefully styled to ensure that everything stays put through various weather conditions. I will also provide a small kit for minor touch ups throughout the day. The kit usually includes a small mirror, extra hair pins, oil blotting sheets, tissues for those inevitable tears, cotton swabs, and custom lip color.

How do I book you?

At the first point of contact (preferably through my contact form) I will provide you with a Bridal Questionnaire to complete so that all pertinent information is gathered for discussion. The trial is recommended to be scheduled 2-3 months before your wedding date and usually takes about 3 hours. I recommend that you collect images of hair styles and makeup looks that inspire your dream look. Please keep in mind that you should find images that closely represents your own features and hair type, for a more realistic inspiration.  Pinterest is a great resource!

During our trial, I will work with you to create your desired wedding look. It’s a great time to experiment on some variations of hairstyles or different lip colors. Your hair and makeup will not be perfectly finished, but the important thing is to focus on getting down the right feel for your look.  We could try a day to evening look with a quick change of eye shadow or richer lip color.  You will want to wear your trial look for the duration of the day if possible, and I  welcome any feedback from your experience. I want to make sure my work meets your expectations and that your look stays flawless on the wedding day. Every bride will have varying results that will easily be polished and perfected.  I will take note and make adjustments as necessary on the day of your wedding.

Photos will be taken at the session and emailed to you promptly. I will also be happy to make recommendations for tried and trusted products to keep your skin looking great for your wedding day. Custom lip color samples may also be provided to you. If everything is great, you put down your deposit, sign the contract and your set to go! If you’re still unsure or deciding between artists, I kindly request you provide me with your answer within 7 days.

If you’d like to use the trial session for your Engagement Session hair and makeup, I’m happy to quickly re-style your hair at the end of our trial  to a casual look for the photo session.

If I am unavailable for your date, I will gladly refer you to other talented makeup artists whom I trust and work with.

Do you provide a team of artists for the rest of my party?

When assistance is needed for bigger parties, I enlist help from several talented artists in the Bay Area. These are contracted artists, and I will try to secure their services as soon as possible once our contract is signed, since many artists are booked up quickly.

If my listed prices for the bridal party are beyond your budget, I will refer you to work directly with other artists to arrange a contract for the additional services at their prices.

Do you give discounts on bigger parties?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts regardless of  party size. It actually requires extra time and effort for me to contract assistant artists to accommodate the bridal party. Since I’m  already part of a  network of artists, I’m  happy to assist and  do what I can to ease your stress of searching for multiple artists.

Occasionally, I will have Specials or Promos so be sure to “Like” my Facebook page for updates!

What happens on my wedding day?

My team and I will be on location with all the tools necessary to assist you on the day of event. I may request some additional items from your hotel or venue like additional chairs or mirrors, but these details can be planned ahead of time.  You’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy the pampering.

My team and I will arrive at the venue as scheduled, set up promptly, work neatly, and complete all services in a timely manner. I normally allow 3 hours for the bride’s hair and makeup.  Hair and makeup for additional members are completed in about 1-1.5 hours per person by an assistant makeup artist or myself.  The number of assistant artists are booked depending on the number of services needed. I’m available to personally do hair and makeup for anyone in the party if additional time is arranged beyond the 3 hours allotted for the bride.

Please also remember that we are usually on a strict timeline, so it’s imperative to be on schedule. This is both the responsibility of the client as well as the artists. I always recommend that there be some additional time (30-40 mins) factored in for any unexpected interruptions we may have.


Many of my brides do not require touch-ups; however, if your wedding starts very early in the morning or if you would like a hair style change, you may want to schedule a touch-up at an hourly rate. Touch-ups can be done during the cocktail hour before your reception or after a dress change during the reception.

Touch-up hourly rates will start from the time of completion of the initial makeup and hair application until the scheduled touch up is completed. However, if  you’d like the option of a split shift, I’m happy to leave and return at a later time, but a travel fee will apply.

What is Full Day Service?

T his is a  great option for a bride  who wants a little something extra and  have peace of mind that I will be nearby at all times to make sure hair and makeup is perfect, especially if you’re  a big crier, or if it’s a windy location or extreme weather conditions.  I will be on location from the arranged start time until the beginning of the reception. After your initial hair styling and makeup application, I will be on site to provide additional touch-ups during photo sessions, before & after ceremony, and a hair style change (if desired) before the reception.I will act as an additional attendant for your convenience.This option also includes minor touch ups for the bridal party after their initial hair styling and makeup application. I will work with you, your photographer, and your wedding coordinator to work out the specific timeline. I will travel up to 3 locations. If you need me for additional hours after the start of the reception,  hourly touch-up fees will apply.